Alternative Education Plan

(as of July 29, 2020)

july 29 covid letter

(as of April 22, 2020)

covid april 22 letter

(as of March 23, 2020)

A note from Mrs. Howe:

During this time of mandated school closures and social distancing, McClave School will be closed until April 17th. In an effort to continue to provide an education to your children, McClave School will offer a variety of educational options. All completed assignments will be used as participatory grades only. 

McClave elementary students will be receiving worksheet packets every two weeks.  The first packets should start arriving in the mail by Monday, March 30th. In order to eliminate germs, we ask that the packet not be mailed back to the school. Instead, please take pictures of completed pages and send them to your child’s teacher. McClave students will also receive educational options through supplemental online resources such as IStation, ClassDojo, Renaissance Learning, Storyworks, among others. Please see the links of free websites located below. 

Our junior high and high school students at McClave will be receiving mostly an online format for the delivery of instruction. We will be utilizing Google Classroom, a platform that is already used by many of the educators in our building. Many of our teachers have already reached out to your children from Google Classroom. For students that do not have online access, we are encouraging parents to take advantage of current offers available. Service providers, like Spectrum, are offering 60 days of free internet to households with school-aged children. If this is not an option for you, your student will receive paper copies of the curriculum that they will need to complete.   

The McClave School District will be providing meals for pickup from 11:00am-1:00pm on Mondays. This service will start this coming Monday, March 30th. Families that have already indicated a need on our survey will receive a box with enough breakfasts and lunches for McClave students in the household. Each box will contain four days worth of meals. Please use the designated bus lanes on the north side of the school as the pickup zone for your meals. We will greet you with a meal box at your vehicle. If you didn’t complete our survey and would like to participate in this service, please contact the school to ensure that we prepare enough meal boxes. Also, please click on the images below to read letters from Mrs. Howe and Mr. Holmes.

General Learning Resources:

Learning Resources By Teacher:

This list of resources is changing please check back often.