McClave School Core Values Community Survey
Thank you for completing our survey of core values.  This list of values was collected from the staff and teachers, the Accountability Committee, and the Board.  We now ask for your help in narrrowing it down to four core values which will define the Cardinal Culture going forward.
                                                                                                ~The Board of Education
Definition of a Core Value
A core value is a central belief deeply understood and shared by every member of the organization.  Core values guide the actions of everyone in the organization; they focus its energy and are the anchor point for all its plans.  An organization has a core value if there is evidence of it everywhere such that:
  • it permeates the institution,
  • it drives decisions,
  • it elicits strong reactions when it is violated, and
  • it’s the very last thing you’ll give up.
Please click on the survey link and select the top four values that you believe are the most important to the future of McClave School.