This Year's Officers

  • Shaina Enciso
  • Rebecca Steerman
  • Ariana Bolivar
  • Cassidy Jagers
  • Maggie Chase

This Year's Representatives:

  • Alexus Gomez
  • Mavric Leighty
  • Angel Soto
  • Rylan Herrera



Student Council is very active over the year planning events for the school. They plan and run the Homecoming and Winter Sports dances. They also organize the Pumpkin Decorating Contest that the entire school is allowed to participate in. The last activity that they have is box tops. This allows them to help buy equipment and supplies for the school that is available to everyone. 

The way the Student Council is able to do these activities is through fundraising. Their fundraiser for the year is the vending machine. Which is available in the high school daily.