Dear McClave Students, Staff, Parents, and Community Members,

It is with a heavy heart that we received information from Governor Polis to suspend all in-person learning for the remainder of the school year. We were hoping for the opportunity to be able to close our school year in person, to see all of the faces we have missed so much. Unfortunately, that is not an option for us this year. 

Although this has been a very challenging time, I am very proud of the efforts that have been made by our students, parents, and staff members to make our alternative learning plan succeed. Thank you all for your hard work to make this happen. 

A timeline is listed below for how we will conclude the school year. All virtual events will be pre-recorded. The link will be available to view the same day as the ceremony on our school website and Facebook page.

April 23 – Survey sent out to all seniors and their parents for graduation options 

May 7 – Virtual Academic Awards Ceremony

May 8 – Virtual Athletic Awards Ceremony

May 18 – All student assignments are due

May 18-21 – Students will be assigned to come to the school to return books, uniforms, instruments, etc. Students will clean out desks or lockers and take all personal belongings. Your scheduled date to check-out at the school will be forthcoming.  

Details on graduation to come, based on survey results.

I hope you all are safe and healthy. Thank you all for your support and patience this last month. 



Brianne Howe

K-12 Principal